Tracing Backgammon's Roots

Studying backgammon thoroughly today is relatively easier compared with learning backgammon almost 5,000 years ago. The game was taught from parent to child back then and other people learn the game by observing how other players play backgammon.

Back in the old days, there are no books or literature about the rules and regulations of backgammon has ever existed, mainly because the printing machine has not yet been conceptualize and there are few people who can read books back them. At the present, backgammon can even learn by kids from close friends and family and backgammon organizations have became very popular.

Since the first rules and regulations of the game were printed out in 1740, there has been a relative improvement in the books or information about backgammon and the past 70 years have seen many backgammon guides that have come out in the market. But the debut of free backgammon trial games on the Internet has greatly increase the chances for players to learn and play the game at any given time compared back them.

Online backgammon sites also offer free game, where players can pit their skills against a backgammon A.I. Online backgammon sites also feature different information about backgammon. From the different terms, table layouts to advance topics like strategies, etc.

With these available opportunity to learn backgammon on the Internet, what areas should players focus their attention first? It is vital to remember that backgammon is viewed as one of the simplest to learn and so players do not need to apprehensive about investing majority of their time in studying the game.

There are certain parts of the game that needed minimal time in studying. For a beginner in the game, becoming aware with how to move the checkers in the backgammon board’s triangle shape point must be one of their priorities.

Once these things are learned by the player, the player must take advantage of all the free games online. The important areas that beginners must pay attention are the opening sequence in the game and how to hit and construct primes.

Aside from the reading material that can be found in most online backgammon sites, it is advisable to read some books on backgammon techniques. Some books say that it is advisable to try to occupy the 2nd and 3rd points in the board. It is also best to hit in the opponents home territory.

There is a lot of available information online and on books for players that are serious about mastering backgammon.