Leather Backgammon Board Sets

Many backgammon board sets are encased in leather. There are very expensive models and there are very good bargains to be found, too. The sheer number of choices available in the market shows how high the demand is for this type of backgammon board set.

Backgammon board sets wrapped in leather are popular because they are tasteful and never go out of style. Playing on a leather backgammon board set imparts a feeling of sophistication and refinement.

High quality leather is easy to maintain. It needs only regular wiping with a damp piece of clean cloth followed by a dry cloth. To ensure an even longer life for your leather backgammon board set, treat it with a special leather conditioner once every six months.

When leather is well taken care of, it lasts for years and years. You will see that as your leather ages, it acquires a distinct patina that enhances its beauty and character. Your leather backgammon board set could very well become an heirloom piece that you can hand down to your children.

Tournament quality leather backgammon board sets can cost thousands of dollars. There are also genuine leather backgammon board sets priced at less than a hundred dollars, though.

Handcrafted sets are more expensive. So are those with luxury add-ons such as solid fittings made of brass or plated with gold. There are even brass-coated checkers.

The material used on the interior playing surface also makes a difference in price. The high end models use thick high grade wool felt that does not fray, fluff nor fade in color. Some models boast of using wool so thick that you will hardly hear the dice as they roll on the board.

It is important to examine the the backgammon board field before buying a set. Aside from ensuring a completely flat and even plane, make sure that the points are not badly sewn onto the field. Embossed or printed points are preferable to ensure a smooth playing surface.

Quite a novelty but very practical is the new backgammon board made of soft nubuck leather, designed to be folded or rolled then fastened with ties. It is easy to carry for travelling and has zipped pockets for checkers and dice. This type of backgammon board is definitely a better alternative to cheap plastic boards.

Leather backgammon board sets are elegant and classy. Whether top of the line or mid-priced, they will always be a good buy.