Backgammon Boot Camp: A Book by Walter Trice

Walter Trice is not only a player of professional backgammon but he is also a backgammon writer. Walter Trice has already written and co-written several books about backgammon and we can say that he is one good writer of such topic. One of his successful backgammon books is "Backgammon Boot Camp." "Backgammon Boot Camp" is actually a book inspired by the Backgammon Boot Camp that has been developed on the Web site called Gammon Village. Walter Trice writes for this Web site. The editor of Gammon Villae is Michael Strato and he was the one who encouraged Walter Trice to write articles for novice backgammon players to be posted on the Web site. That is the reason why such Web site is called "boot camp."

"Backgammon Boot Camp" contains quite a number of chapters wherein the first ten chapters talk about the basic information on playing backgammon. However, starting from the eleventh chapter, Walter Trice starts to provide information that is somewhat advanced and more appropriate for experienced players of backgammon. We believe that Walter Trice has been right to provide adequate chapters that discuss the basics before proceeding to providing a discussion of advanced backgammon plays.

Walter Trice is very kind to provide a final exam at the end of "Backgammon Boot Camp." He even indicates the specific chapter where readers will find the right answers to the questions. To give you an idea, it is indicated in questions two to four that their answers can be found in the tenth chapter of "Backgammon Boot Camp" although the answers can also be found in other chapters. Walter Trice simply wants readers to find convenience in learning more about backgammon.

Some readers might find errors in "Backgammon Boot Camp" too but these errors will only be noticed by real book critics. For instance, Walter Trice mentions in one chapter of "Backgammon Boot Camp" that the game of backgammon can be compared to the game of Roller Derby. Walter Trice then mentions that Roller Derby is now a defunct game but actually, such game is not defunct. It can still be played in Tucson, Arizona. Readers might wonder why Walter Trice compares backgammon to Roller Derby. It is probably because of the fact that both games are races in which one exerts an effort to break contact if one player is ahead and one player attempts to mix it up if one player is behind.

"Backgammon Boot Camp" can be read by beginning players of professional backgammon. At the same time, Walter Trice has done a fine job of making "Backgammon Boot Camp" also an ideal book for experienced players of professional backgammon. Therefore, "Backgammon Boot Camp" is perfect for all types of backgammon players, namely, beginning, intermediate, and advanced players.