So you're interested in backgammon? Indeed, its ancient roots make it as fascinating and as old a board game as chess, but its variations and clearer layout using dice and checkers make it more accessible and easy to learn. Follow our instructions on how to play backgammon games and learn about the variations to the game, the most popular tricks to improve your backgammon odds and access other useful resources to help you beat your opponent.

First, let us introduce you to or refresh your basic backgammon notions. Among our resources, you find clear instructions on how to play backgammon games and an introduction to basic backgammon glossary.

If you're not new to backgammon, then you can skip the rules for backgammon gambling and head on to our editors' tips and reviews for important information on backgammon strategies and tricks, recommended online backgammon rooms, US Texas Holdem poker rooms and how to increase your bankroll for backgammon tournaments and in poker tournaments.

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